Team Evolve is looking forward to the new year, and we’re eager to build on all our wins from 2019. We traveled all over the world as a team, hit some major career goals, and found ways to give back to our local and global communities – and we plan on doing even more of this in 2020.

To ensure the Evolve office continues to grow, we’ll be expanding our roster and bringing in a whole new set of hungry professionals. Fresh eyes help keep our campaigns creative, and the energy of new hires combined with the momentum we’ve built up in the last twelve months will propel us into the future. In order for these novice marketers to feel prepared though, we’ll be promoting anywhere from three to five team members to leadership roles.

To hit our 2020 growth goals, we’ll also be adding more telecom solution providers to our portfolio, expanding the services we can offer to consumers. To ensure we provide our business partners with the top-notch service they deserve, we’ll also train more people to be account managers. By focusing on helping our current associates advance in their careers, we create the conditions that allow our firm to thrive.

We’re wrapping the year up right in December, and have confidence that the coming year is sure to be our best ever! Like Evolve on Facebook to learn more about when we’ll be hiring.