Around the Evolve office, we’ve always believed in the power of clear goals. This is especially true when it comes to the sports-infused mind-sets we bring to every new challenge. In short, the idea is for teamwork to be the fuel and success the end result. For our personal and team-wide goals, we put a few specific strategies to good use.

Keeping the GROW model in mind is a good place to start. This stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and What’s Next. In our experience, this is the ideal way to break down what we actually want to achieve, the action steps we need to take to make real progress, and the long-term outlook that will emerge from reaching the target. It’s pretty similar to how members of a winning sports team might look at a new season.

We also set personal goals and small milestones within every major Evolve target. With an overall concept of what we want to achieve as individuals, we’re able to perform at our best throughout any given project. Marking minor achievements along the way helps us stay fully engaged. If you’ve watched your favorite player rack up records on the way to a championship, you get the idea of what we try to do day in and day out.

With clear targets, firm deadlines, and solid planning, we set ourselves up for consistent wins. Follow Evolve on Instagram for more on our sports-inspired approach.