With the end of 2019 fast approaching, now is the perfect time for Team Evolve to reflect on all that we have to be grateful for. Not only does an attitude of gratitude help us to lead happier and more satisfied lives, but there are many mental and physical health benefits associated with mindfulness practices.

With that in mind, we’d like to share some of our favorite Evolve techniques for being thankful on a daily basis:

• Keep a Journal: Gratitude journals are one of those rare habits that take very little to adopt, but pay huge dividends. Just five minutes every night before we go to bed (or five minutes each morning when we first wake up) gives us time to reflect on all that’s good in our lives, and open ourselves up to even more prosperity.

• Meditate: The benefits of meditation get a lot of press, but we’d like to point out that sitting in lotus position for a half hour isn’t the only way to reap these gains. Many of us enjoy mindfulness walks, which means focusing only on the present moment while enjoying a 10-15-minute stroll.

• Say Thank You: A sincere “Thank you!” is like flexing your own gratitude muscle. You feel noticeably more appreciative afterwards, and more likely to notice when someone else deserves a thank you from you as well.

These three simple techniques will not only help you feel more thankful, but you’ll spread the positive energy to all those around you as well. Like Evolve on Facebook to see more ways we practice mindfulness and cultivate gratitude.